Mike Gubman

Let's Make It Happen

Hi, I'm Mike Gubman.
I build growth strategies, platform ecosystems and distribution partnerships through emerging technology like AI, Avatars and NFTs.


Web3 Advisory, Planning and Execution

I help brands, creators and companies build an authentic web3 business plan. Then, we execute together to deliver an impactful experience.


Prior Work

Previous Projects

I've worked with companies like Adidas, AMC, American Eagle, Fossil, LVMH, Red Bull, TikTok & T-Mobile to build and execute Web3 programs.


About Mike

Mike Gubman is a Media Technology Executive with over two decades of experience at the forefront of innovation.Mike has led partnerships and built partnership teams at Bitski, TikTok, Pandora & Gracenote (Sony).Mike is a named co-inventor on 7 patents in a range of areas like digital fingerprinting, music information retrieval and interactive media.Mike is an active member of the board of directors at LANDR Audio and an advisor to several startups including Dropness and Seven Seas Music. He holds a B.A. in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and lives in Oakland, CA with his family of four.